Have a question about our company or our services? You may find the answer you’re looking for below. If not, give us a call.

Should I call to place an order?

You don’t have to, however we recommend it. If you don’t, you can fax us the information (610-649-2000), but we like to get to know our customers, so we encourage you to call.

How long will a cleaning take?

If there aren’t problems, we wash on Fridays andĀ most rugsĀ are available the next Wednesday. If the rug needs to be recleaned, it will take another week.

Is my rug insured?

Your rug is insured for up to $1/ft. The rug is probably covered on your homeowner’s insurance, but if you want more insurance, call us. Normally it is much less expensive to list the rug on your homeowners policy than to purchase additional temporary insurance.

What is Scotchgard?

Scotchgard consists of transparent molecules that are sprayed onto textile fibers in order to fill the cracks and crevices of the fibers. It prevents dirt from lodging in these openings. You want to be sure you’ve removed all of the dirt from a carpet before you Scotchgard, because the dirt will become locked in.

Does Scotchgard wash out?

Yes, although the manufacturer claims it will not washout for two or three washings, but we have found that Scotchgarded textiles will resist dirt and not become as soiled.

What is Microbane?

Microbane is a treatment that kills the bacteria that causes odors – especially from animals. It is more effective with some animals than others. For example, cat urine creates a problematic bacteria that is not always remedied by Microbane.

What is mothproofing?

Mothproofing is not what it used to be! DDT was banned years ago because of the damage it was inflicting on the falcon family of birds. It was the only 100% guaranteed treatment for moths. Since the ban on DDT, the falcons have flourished, and so have the moths. Today’s mothproofing repels moths for a period of two or three years at the most. It will discourage the moths from eating the wool, but will not kill them.

The normal occurrence with moths is that they lay their eggs in the backs of the rugs. The larvae germinates and the little moths eat their way to adulthood. Unfortunately, they eat the backs of the knots of your rug. By the time you see the little moths fly away, the damage is done. We have had repairs in excess of $10,000 due to moth damage.

Do you deodorize carpets and add scents?

We remove bacteriologically based odors with Microbane, but we don’t add topical fresheners, because not everyone likes them. A good cleaning will remove smoke and other environmental smells.

What is included in your price?

We include the cost of freight to our store and freight from our store, the cost of Microbane, the cost of Scotchgard, and the cost of the cleaning of the body of the rug, and hand-cleaning of the fringes. Repairs and mothproofing are extra. If you have a rug that we suspect has fugitive dyes, has a fragile texture, or is very old, hand-cleaning may be required. That is extra, but will be quoted to you before we do the work.

What is the difference between a spot and a stain?

A spot is dirt that has attached itself to the fibers of the rug. It is removable. A stain is a chemical, alteration of the color of the fiber. The fiber’s color has been altered to a new color. It is not removable. Although, we do spot-dye areas of rugs to try to restore the original color. This is difficult work that sometimes does not lead to acceptable results. We can, very acceptably, dye the backing yarns to blend in the piled areas of the carpet, if those areas have had the pile worn away.