Rug Repair


The process of rug reweaving is an art, and the skills we boast have been developed over the century and taught by our older weavers to our younger weavers throughout the years.

We have established three levels of repairs. The first level stabilizes the rug for continued use by its current owner. We always pay certain attention to the perimeter of the rug – the sides and ends. These must be stable or the rug will fray out. We add no resale value to the rug with this type of work.

The second level is reweaving. If there is a hole in the rug, we will take yarns that match the existing yarns in the rug, recreate the foundation lines, and reweave the rug. This work will soon be invisible from the face of the rug, but not necessarily the back. This work adds value, although at collector quality levels, the complete value of the rug is not achieved.

The third level is restoration. At this level, we blend, pre-faded yarns to exactly match the existing fiber. The work is done to the degree that it is difficult to find the reweaving from the front or the back of the rug. This work is well worth it for valuable pieces and the complete value of the rug is achieved.


Below is shown a 13 x 29 Bidjar that had significant damage.  It was worth the cost of reweaving and because of this work, the rug has had 50 years of life added to it.